RAM disk error and RAM only partially detected


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Okay I have Windows 7 ultimate x86 on my Frankenstein. I like to think I know quite a bit about computers. I usually fix all of the issues with my computers and the people I know. However this one has got me flabbergasted. When I first discovered this issue I tried to boot up Windows 7. I got this error ram disk can't be created. I don't even understand that, I never tried to create a ram disk. I don't even have a program to create a ram disk. I installed Windows xp just so I could log in and see if I could figure something out. I looked at system information and it appeared only 64MB of my 4GB of RAM installed where being detected. I thought okay must be that my RAM has gone bad, no problem I'll just order some more online. I finally received the RAM and installed it. I was supremely confident that was the issue. However I tried to boot Windows 7 again and I get the same problem!! I then log in to Windows xp and still shows only 64MB of RAM are being detected. I've tried searching online to see if someone else has had the same issues and I've had no luck what so ever. I did a memory check and everything checked out just find. The RAM isn't the issue so what is wrong??? I have no idea.


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Is your 4gb in one two or four sticks? if it's in more than one, install as few as possible, so that you only have 1 or 2gb and test different sticks and different slots. i'm worried that it's the ram slots on the motherboard, and having them all occupied is causing the problem.