Ram compatablity

ok im getting an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ 1.9Ghz Brisbane which has a default FSB of 200mhz and a multiplier of 9.5

Standard name Addres/Command/Control clock Data Strobe clock
DDR2-400 100 MHz 200 MHz
DDR2-533 133 MHz 266 MHz
DDR2-667 166 MHz 333 MHz
DDR2-800 200 MHz 400 MHz
what type of ram do i need to get the 2 clock speeds really confused for setting the FSB:RAM speed ratio do i follow the first or second speed(pretty sure its the second isnt it)

this is the ram i want to get
will that be compatible(isnt corsair pre overclocking it) if so what ratio will i have to use because i want to oc to 3.0 using the clock muliplier but tweak with the FSB about 25-50mhz max

in order to be safe wouldnt i have to go to ddr2400 or ddr2800 so they would be compatible or have a ratio of 2:1 or can i use ratios like 1.33:1

i have a prebuilt motherboard bios so i dont have anything to look at
i know but thats too much. money would that set up with a 3:2 ratio with a fsb of 222mhz and a multiplier of 13.5(2997mhz) work AND
how would my bios set it up on first boot if i put that toghter

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Wow. You got me on the whole ratio setup. I have never messed with that stuff.

I know on first boot, both the CPU and the memory I posted would both be using the same FSB. As for the overclocking and ratio settings, I'm sure there are more qualified people that can answer that one.