RAM Boot Issue.

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Hey guys, first post but I think I can make a decent job ofit.

Now, there is one obvious answer to the issue, but I'd like to rule out everything else before I take it back.

Hardware Refferences:


Curiously, I cant find a refference to the RAM memory, but its 1 gig DDR400(3200) 184 pin. Delta Bran.

Okay, now before I bought RAM I bought that GPU in replacement for a Ge-Force4MX, due to its limited DX Ability. I need a card that atleast supported DX9. But when I got this GPU I realised it was limited by the other peices of hardware. Particulary the RAM memory. So I bought a new.

I picked it up today, seated it, booted the PC and voila, abnormal boot noises (In this case no boot noises) and a black screen, presumably no signal coming from the GPU. I've resetted CMOS, tried the older RAM (Boot was succesful with that RAM) and even tried removing the GPU in-case of GPU incompatibility. After all that Im inclined to conclude faulty RAM, but I'd like a second opinion before I take it back to the retailer.

Any help would be appreciated.

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