RAID 1 or 2??


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iv got a raid configuration of two 200GB hard drives but i dont know what configuration there in or even if they are configured because i have recently had a new motherboard installed and reformated the hard drives. On My Computer it says my local Drive capacity is 189GB basicly 200GB so the other hard drive is either sitting there doing nothing or in a mirror configuration how do i find out what its doing?? thanks


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At boot-up, there is usually a set key(s) that you need to press to get into the RAID utility. Usually, it's Ctrl+H. You can also look in device manger, and see if the other hard drive shows up- it is possible that it's not setup in a RAID, but more than likely it is, in a RAID 1- which is mirrored.


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if u didnt configure raid, its not gonna be in raid, if 2 are hooked up, one is only reading, make sure (if ur not doing raid) to make the other one a slave, and right click on my computer and go to manage, then go to disk management, and format the extra one.