RADEON 9700 or ASUS Ti 4600 Ulta DeluxeIm debating

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Im debating on one or the other, ive heard the Radeon stomps all over the G Force TI 4600 cards but does it stomp all over this one, anyone with comments ill be most appreciative.....thanx
Pfft... GF4 Ti 4600. :p

Wait until the price for the 9700 drops, most likely the holiday season, or if you can't wait, the R8500 LE, 9000 and the GF4 Ti 4200 are the way to go. :D
Price is still too high for my tastes (or even anyone's) at the moment. The 9700 is much better in terms of features and performance, but price is still too high at the moment as well... usually for me I wait until the $250-300 mark.
What is the current price for the Radeon 9700 at the moment anyway?
the Ti4600 is a really good card, although I don't think it's designed for DirectX 9.0
although I suggest you get a Radeon 9600 XT or a 9800 Pro as they are much better price vs performance
Wow, this thread is almost 2 years old, and you had to bump it.:rolleyes:

So this is the main video card they talked about in the old days.:)
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