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Having Trouble with HDTV output and WinXP not keeping display settings.....anybody esle have trouble with Radeon AIW 9700 Pro?
When using the YPbPr (HDTV) output from the "Dongle Provided" to the Big Screen (Toshiba) the display settings will not keep in WinXP.

Using 480p at 32bit, 60Htz then trying to apply the settings, they revert back to 480p 8bit 30htz.

Talked to ATi about this and they said it was a problem with the card so the replaced it. They said they tested the card I had sent back and found no problems, the new card they sent out is doing the exact samething.

Tried the new card in another PC , samething.

Not sure why windows will not keep the correct settings?

Video card works great on a monitor.

Not sure if I would need the DVI to HDTV Component Adpater or not. ATi says "it should work wiht the Dongle"

Comp Specs:

AMD Athlon XP 1700
256 DDR
ATI Radeon AIW 9700 Pro
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