Radeon 9500 Pro-Sweet Deal :)

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I have been doing some research relating to my video card post thread earlier, and I just read the Radeon 9500 pro review over at [H]ardOCP, and the results were frikin amazing!!!! In benchmarks against the Ti4600 and Ti4200 by Nvidia, it beat them both in UT2003 and MOHAA with any sort of AA or AF turned on!!!!!! WTF thats crazy! Once it comes out, I recommend anyone that wants smooth games to go get it...........MSRP is supposed to be $200, but I have seen them on pricewatch for much cheaper.

Just thought I would share this with everyone :)

It's AGP 8x, quite the performer, and cheaper than the 8x ti4200, so it may well be the best choice for budget gamers.. However, Nvidia's still the company for me.. any experiences I've ever had with ATI and it's products have been bad. That's just my personal opinion though, and I've gotta say, if I was buying a new video card right now, I would seriously consider getting a 9500....
I dunno........Nvidia used to rule the market-when they released the GF4, you could have easily written ATi off, but with the new rv300 core cards, they really have almost taken over the top spot, but it all depends on what the NV30 is like..........the 9700 pro has beaten almost every card on the market currently, without being overclocked, and it was the first card to run Doom 3.
I bought an ATI All In Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro for the new system that I am building (no motherboard yet). I was curious about the cards performance so I removed my ATI A-I-W Radeon 8500DV 64MB card from my P4 2.0A system and installed the 9700 using the drivers for the 8500 card (Catalyst beta and Direct X 9 RC1 beta). The card is awesome, even running at AGP X4 (that is all the MB supports). If the 9500 Pro has anywhere near the performance that the 9700 Pro has it will be an awesom card too.

I can't wait to see what it will do in my new system. I bet it will scream with a P4 3.06HT,1GB PC2700 duel channel DDR, and AGP X8. My new motherboard won't be in the e-stores for another week or so.
Sounds nice ron............the 9700 AIW is definitly one of the best cards in the rv300 series cards. Update the drivers once you put the card in your AGP 8x system and it will scream :)
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