Radeon 7500 and win2k

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This is the card i have right now and I've read about alot of problems with this card and gaming on win2k , but does anyone know of any fixes for it ? cuse it was fine in win98 but terrible in win2k for example in sof2 in win 98 I was capped at 83 fps for pign reasons but uncapped was around 160 fps but in win2k i get 40+ and - fps :mad: does has anyone heard of a fix for this ?
I don't know, I also have a ATI 7500 and I have no problems what so ever. (I run both WinXP Pro and Win2K) Are the FPS the only thing that you are having problems with?
pretty much but fps are so low if makes some games unplayable :( and all the games were fine in win98 and I've read about other people having the same problem , and they were advised to "Roll Back your ATI driver too the pre-catalyst version" but i dont think that helped
My guess is that you have VSync enabled; disable it through the driver options (if you have already installed ATI control panel).
ATI cards are notorius for strange incompatabilities like this. Thats why I use Nvidia. hehe ;)
I have no idea why any of you would even consider ATI or Nvidia being better than the other. They both have their advantages and their disadvantages.
And weighing those advantages against the disadvantages is what brings people to valid preferences on card type.

Both having advantages and disadvantages does not make them equal.

Sure, you could line up any 2, one from either company, and they would never be equal. I know that but, it is truly a personal preference, and if your computer can handle it or not. Or use it to it's full potential...

What good is a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 8x AGP in a 2xAGP slot?

The card is generally as good as the motherboard and mod it is put in to.
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