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i have been trying for 2 days to install drivers for the radeon 7500 on a dell laptop. now online sources, invoice, dell and the manual all say it is a radeon 7500 modble card, but i have douts.
anyway when trying to install i get an error about the current driver and its inf file. says "not compatible with current adapter" another driver say "error in inf file" and then says "try installing standard SVGA display adapters first" well i have never see any such message before.
this brings up a new topic. how? how do u install standard SVGA drivers in win2000pro?

I have tried radeon driver, custom or hacked radeon drives, omega radeon drivers, dell radeon drivers and all give me similar messages. i have reinstalled windows2000 3 times, completely formating each time

how do i do this? what drives for the radeon card are out there that dont need the SVGA adpater first(why should they in a fresh install???)

please help
well at $2+ a minute u can forget that, and it might not even work. do they have an online tech chat? their email tech is automated and sucks anyway, just send u an html link to the sight about basics

i am not going to use their windowsXP!! i should have the right to use what operating system i choose. they need to make drivers for more than one version of windows
is your card compatible with win2k? Sounds Like it probably isn't. You can make xp look and act pretty close to 2k.
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