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this is the mose f****d up thing i've seen with my comp. i got a new gfx card and a new processor (from 666mhz tnt2, to 1,3 gf4mx 440)

my 666 ran Quake 3 adn MOH:AA perfectly fine. but once i put the new hardware in the games are so choppy they are unplayable. like the mouse when moved jumps like 8 inches across the screen.. the intro videos wont even play..

my half-life and any hl related game (cs, d0d, ns) all work fine. same with americas army. The only thing i found in common were the games i want to install al use the Q3 engine. doubt that would have anythign to do with it but aah well.

anyone have any ideas why this is happening?.. take a shot in the dark and give me any little idea i can try.

Thanks r i z z a

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i got q3 working what i did was in XP games come with other options like run as if you were using <select OS here> and run with 356 color etc.

i selected run using 256 colors and the game loaded lagless..

then i changed the settings to 32-bit color once i was in the game and it ran using 32bit color.

I guess just hte intro movies dont like 32bit color or whatever.
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