Quitting Smoking...

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Well, I just got done with a hectic move to my new appt. and boy was it stressful. And with the deposit and getting things turned on, etc. I am way in the hole financially...

SOOOOO with that in mind, what a GREAT time to quit smoking. lol

Im at work now, after my 3rd day with no cigs, and I'm about to rip every customers head off. This is ridiculously hard.

Pray for me.

[/rant off]
lol. I really cant afford to buy cigs now anyway, so that helps a bit.
Well come to Washington! We have one of, or the HIGHEST cigarette taxes there is. A carton of Marlboro's is somewhere in the neighborhood of $40. But over in Idaho right next to us they're only about $24...
I slipped up already. :( its hard to stick to when everyone you work with smokes. Maybe I can convince them to quit with me... ;)
Hey, it's just a little setback. Maybe you can enlist their help by asking them not to smoke around you for a few days. You've got me, all the way on the other side of the country pulling for you..... you'll feel better and smell better... Good luck. tw
We all slip up... I still slip up alot... I'll light a candle for you though hun:) Every cigarrette you don't have is better for you. I chew alot of gum, and I have also picked up the nicorette gum. It helps. Instead of thinking.. "DAMN I had a few smokes today... :mad: " think... "WOW, I only had that many :) I bet I can do even better tommorrow:D !!" Huggs hun. Making yourself go outside to smoke helps cut down on it too.. Good luck!!!
It took me 3 months to totally quit smoking. You tends to eat alot on your withdrawal.

Tips: drink alot instead of eat alot. I made a mistake and now I am 20 pounds heavier. :)

Good luck :)
When I quit, it was no problem... don't know why.

When I quit drinking.... now that was a different story...

Stick with it though, it will pay off in the end.
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