Quiting from game frize every thing..

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When I quit game.. Every thing locks up and cannot do any thing but to reboot.

This happend with Baldur's Gate and LionHeart.

I have
AMD Althon64 X2 4400
2gb of memory
Nvidia 7800GT (driver 91.31)

The thing is, it never did such thing to me before....
So you've played those two games on the same system without problems before? Usually this can be solved by either reinstalling the software or running them in compatibility mode for WIndows 95/98, I'd try that.
Yes, actually beta video drivers can cause stuff like this in games, that's why most people don't think it's a good idea to use them. Use whatever the latest full version release is from nvidia's site if you're not already. I think that 91.31 is an old release.
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