quickbooks wont launch after clonign to SSD


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at work our hard drive took a dump and i managed to clone the OS to new ssd after 3 days of it failing

but now quick books 2012 pro wont load
i used their repair program over and over

uninstalled quickbooks and reinstalled it again used the repair app again after to try to get it to work but it keepsgiving error 3371, status code-11118
quickbooks could not load the license data
the repair software even has a specific button just to fix that error but it doesnt work for some reason
one would think that after uninstalling and reinstalling or even using repair feature on it that the program would work but it continues giving the error.

i used EASEUS to clone the drive. i did a complete clone of the old one.
but even when plugging in the old drive now has same error.
nothing else was changed on the pc besides faulty drive


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figured it out thanks man
for whatever reason the registration file gets corrupted during cloning. i just found tons of videosafter trying everything on their page to fix the error.
including their stupid repair tool

turns out all you have to do is delete the registration file....

PP Mguire

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The file could have been corrupted from the dying drive and was copying over a bad file. The software acts like it's on new hardware and tries to check that entry but to it it's not there because it's corrupted. It's taking bits so thinks a reg is there but can't read it and can't overwrite it.