Quick Question regarding dual-boot


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Hey guys!
I'm about to format my Vista Ultimate Partition via my XP Pro Partition (they have half of my hard disk each). Thing is, when I startup my PC I can choose between the two, and I'm worried that in formatting the partition XP won't know that it's supposed to boot by default, or if it'll cause errors etc...

Why this is worrying me, is that in the settings for XP you can pick which OS will boot by default, and you can do this in Vista too. However, only the Vista settings seem to apply, so I'm assuming that Vista's boot settings override XP's. In formatting the Vista partition, will this cause any issues?

I'm formatting this via my computer > right click on the drive > format.

EDIT (read): Oh, I just found this page: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20...uninstall-vista-beta-2-for-dual-boot-with-xp/
Which tells me the boot selection menu when I startup my computer is the Vista Bootloader... and that I need to uninstall that before formatting the Vista partition. Problem is, I don't have the Vista disk anymore. Any suggestions?

EDIT2: Never mind, read down the comments page and found someone in a similar situation as me - the creator of this article is very kind, and he uploaded a copy of the bootloader for us to download, and remove the bootloader with. Now, XP boots on its own without a selection menu, and I'm currently formatting the Vista drive. After that, I will use PartitionMagic to merge the partitions.