Questions (not sure where i should of posted this)


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Hey, I'm new here. I joined because i wanted to know a lot more about computers and how they work and all the technical big words everybody uses to talk about them. I think i pretty much have a good background of computers, but i still want to learn more. I guess i should start straight away:

1) I recently have been fooling around with the Command program (is it a program?). You know, where you do -->Run -->cmd. I was searching online for some cool things to do and i found out about the "shutdown -i" command. First of all, i was wondering how this command really works. How can one computer shut down another computer? I tried using my lap top to shut down my brothers computer, but all it said was Access Denied, or something like that. Maybe i was just typing the computer name wrong? Or maybe my lap top doesnt have "more control" over his desktop.

Mainly i want to know how, in one house-hold, all the computers are literally "combined?" Does it have to do anything with internet? or lan? or what?

Edit: I'm currently running Windows Vista, if that helps with anything.