Questions before Windows 7 upgrade

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Hey guys,

I'm an XP gamer about to upgrade to Windows 7 finally. I got a new video card and another stick of ram. I feel like I've got an adequate system to upgrade now. However, I've got questions before I tear the plastic open... I think can still send it back at this point. ;)

1.) Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit version? Which will yield the best performance for my system?
2.) Will I see an improvement with my quad core? Will it be noticeable with gaming?
3.) Is all my hardware compatible with Windows 7? Do I have enough memory?
4.) Can 7 be tweaked for gaming the way XP can? (minimal services/visuals/processes etc)

Current setup:

core2quad Q6600 @ 2.8ghz cpu
ASUS v60 heatsink fan
XFX HD 5770 128-bit 1gb ddr5 (927/1300) vcard
MSI g31tm-p21 intel G31 chipset
PNY Optima 3gb dd2 800mhz
Western Digital 150gb 7200 rpm ATA hdd
Maxtor OneTouch 4 500gb external hd
SB Hush series 580w psu (single rail 12v 25a)
ASUS MS226 22" LCD monitor
Win XP Pro 32-bit SP2 (tweaked for gaming)
1) 64-bit, definitely.
2) Yes, especially noticeable with gaming since the majority of games now support multi-core.
3) Yup, yup. Though you can always get more memory ;)
4) Indeed. Though as long as you keep the system clean and defragged, you don't need to do any of that stuff.
Ah, i like the tone of this post. :D very positive.

so about the memory - were you saying that I have adequate for now, and that I should upgrade later, or that It would be adequate WITH an upgrade?
It'll be adequate for now, but eventually you'll want to add more. I have 4GB and rarely use all of it, so you should be fine.
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