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sorry guys what i ment was since i got my dvd burner it came with nero7 now some of my mp3 and pics show and play threw nero i dont want that i rest the mp3's already but how do i reset the way i view my pics i dont wana view them threw nero thats what i ment sorry i was fustrated and didn re read what i wrote thnx for the help and sorry for that

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Yea, you'll need to open up the Nero program (Scout?) and deselect the viewing options. I believe you could even remove the Scout program from your computer through Nero's add remove options if you have no use for it.

Edit -
Well, it doesn't look like you can remove Scout, but you can disable it:

* Open "My Computer", make a right click on "Nero Scout", select "options".

* Uncheck the box “enable Nero Scout” in order to disable Nero Scout.

If you want to remove Nero Scout from the task bar, uncheck the box "Show NeroDesktop Search“.