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Could either of these computers handle battlefield 2 and if so which one is the better choice.

The web address is under each computer

Cybertron X-Blade AMD Sempron 2800+ / 256MB DDR / 80GB HDD / DVD+/-RW / Windows XP Home / Black Gamer Desktop PC

Cybertron X-Blade Intel Pentium 4 3GHz (HT) / 512MB DDR / 80GB SATA HDD / DVD±RW Dual-Layer / 10/100Mbps LAN / No OS / Blue Barebone Gaming PC

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I think the second computer is overall better, the first has only 256 mb RAM, which is not good, the norm is 512 nowadays. However, the second comes without any OS installed on it, a bit of a problem, as windows is expensive (assuming you want that, linux is free and apparently better, ive never used it)
AS to whether they'll play battlefield 2, I've no idea whatsoever, look at the specs on the game packet/site and check those with the specs for those computers. i would imagine they'd work, as most games work even on my 3 year old desktop, try checking a gaming forum
soz if thats no help


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Yeah I agree with the second system being the best overall for the game. I'm not too sure, but if you swapped the 512mb of RAM on the second system to the first one, and vice versa, the first one would probably have an advantage in the game then (AMD is overall better for games),

though of course, what video cards have you got? With rubbish video cards on both machines, just having more RAM and a better CPU isn't going to help you :p It needs a rather fast one to get high detail settings, and smooth rates.