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My friend's have a Dell and a Compaq computer. I was wondering if anyone knows how to start the recovery program to return back to factory. They don't have a recovery disc. I have an IBM Netvista and I don't need a recovery disc, I just have to hit F11 at start up to start my recovery program. Thanks in advance.
Are these work PCs?

On the Dell and Compaq, where they or are they PCs from work -- provided by their IT staff? If not, than they should be able to log on to either for the Compaq or dell. com for the Dell to purchase the restore CDs from the OEM manufacturer.

These are usually priced fairly. The answer my friend is "call support."


Oh yeah -- if these are work PCs, then the IT staff may have placed a corporate image on them and destroyed the restore CDs intentionally. Either way, "call support" for help getting those restore CDs.
i sent a letter to compaq to get a recovery cd, they sent me it and it completely screwed my computer, took me ages to fix it..
stupid compaq

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