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Okkkkkay, sajhfkjfhlkdshfhdsfsa <----that's how xxxxing annoyed/pissed I am about this, I am so close stomping all over my XBOX.

Ok, you know the top of the XBOX, the plastic. I dont know if its only mine (cause if it is...Bye Bye XBOX) but it does some weird plastic cracking sound that is annoying the xxxx out of me. its been doing it ever since I bought and yet, I have no trouble playing games DVD's whatever, the XBOX works perfectly fine. But that sound...safhdslkfhsdkfhk, does anyone know what it is and why it does that?

It doesnt do it all the time, but every now and then. it does it even while turned off.

You can touch the top of your XBOX with your fingers and try listening the plastic crck, but for me, it does it while Im playing. S can someone answer this? I mean, the reason for it doing so. I've asked this question to 3 other boards and I never got a straight answer.

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My straight answer: I don't know what you're talking about. Mine doesn't make any noise, other than the game stuff, CD spinnin up, etc. And I've never heard anyone else mention it. I'm sorry I can't help.

Have you asked the retailer where you bought it? Maybe they'll swop units (but I really doubt that).

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I would definitly go back to the retailer and see if you can get a replacement. Never heard anything like that before.


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umm thats not good

did you get a service plan (like you should have)? cuz if you didi theyll replace it for free if not ur prolly sol
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