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This is a simple question but I'm not sure, if I'm upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows XP Home Edition, after the upgrade will all my previous files like music that I have downloaded be erased?
If you do an update, then they shouldnt be erased, but even Microsoft doesnt reccomend doing an update. The best way to go is back up all of the stuff you want to save, and do a complete re-install.
Try not to upgrade!

Agreed on the upgrade part, a re-install is much better. If you must upgrade, XP will only replace the "Windows" folder and some stuff like Documents. Basicaly, any folders that is a part of Windows will be replaced. You will probably need to re-install any programs you have on there anyway, because certain system files for a program are placed in the windows folder during install. Good luck!
Case in point:

I upgraded XP from ME. XP ran fine for about two weeks, then system files got screwed up for some odd reason, and I had to reformat. Luckily before the upgrade I backed up everything. I reinstalled XP on a clean blank HD and it has run fine for going on a month with no kwerks or errors.

I have worked as a system administrator for two years plus, and I never upgrade client machines-I tell the user to backup, then I wipe 'em clean and put the OS on it fresh.
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