question about windows media center


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I have a windows media center pc in one room with a tv tuner and everything so I can watch live tv. I just got another computer that I have in different room where the computer doesn't have a tv tuner but it does have windows media center. So what I was wondering is if there was anyway that I could use my computer without the tv tuner to watch tv off of my computer with the tv tuner through windows media center? Just because other people in my house use the tv connected computer and now I will be doing all my work and computing on my new one so it would be nice to know if I could still watch my precious tv on it.



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i belive you can stream the video over the network, but i'm not 100% sure. Take a look in media center on both machines, as well as the software taht came with your tuner card (if it came with any) to see if there is a way to share/stream it's connection to other compuers.