Question about why Internet Explorer wont display certain websites...


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Pc is a bit old:
Windows Xp pro 32 bit
2 gigs of ram, 3200 amd, 6800 GT OC
Has Service pack 3 (haven't checked on all the updates since it wont let me)
(BTW PC 2, in my signature)

So I let my buddy borrow one of my older machines that I don't need. He is pretty good about keeping it clean, but he picked up a lovely snag that has gotten me, I've not really gotten much time to run a virus scan or spyware scan (which is the next thing I'll be doing)

So this is the situation:
When I open up IE, or Firefox, the browser will not display the page, some sites it will, and some it wont.

1. I can ping any website I need, so this tells me the internet is functioning correctly.
2. Disabled Zone Alarm (Firewall), and the built in one.
3. Logged into another account and web surfing is capable.
4. Reset IE back to defaults.
5. Removed anything that could prove to be hazardous.

Planning on Attempting:
Virus Scan/Spware Scan

Also: A nasty .dll error pops every time the pc is rebooted, the ugly thing about it is, I've checked Task Manager, and didn't notice any interesting names. I googled the .dll error, and got some weird sites back (sorry I don't have the .dll error name with me, but I will update this post once I get a chance to look at it again)

I would prefer not to reformat due to software reloading, installing WOW is a major adventure I'd hope not to cross, not to mention family pictures etc.


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Download and replace the .dll file.
Then try uninstalling ZoneAlarm, a guy on here recently had a similar problem and a temp uninstall of Zonealarm fixed it.