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I am not too advanced in computers, but know md5 filesums, .iso, ect, so please don't be too advanced in your reply.

I am currently upgrading one of my computers from windows to linux, as I know linux is much better. I would like to use open office on the computer as the office program. The distribution of linux I am using allows the linux to be installed in windows, and windowws can be kept, so I can use windows if I need to. I was wondering how to get open office on cd (both cd's) without downloading a program for downloading the .iso's, and if I should install on Linux, or install on windows, wipe out MS word, and use wine to run the program in Linux, like I would be for many of my other programs.

Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S. here is the link for open office:
And for wine:


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You probably would want to download it for Linux, but from what it sounds you're running Linux inside of Windows. It might run faster in Windows since it doesnt have to run through another application. You dont have to uninstall Word or anything. Just pick the OS you want to run it on and just download it.


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what makes you think that Linux is so much better than windows?

Open office is a javabased program, interperated by a vrtual machine, so there is very little difference in either of the layouts of the windows/linux version.

since there is a linux version available, I see little point in using Wine to run windows programs under linux, especially if you are keeping a duel boot for windows!!!

the best thing to do is to just download the open office program from (just the linux version), and have that installed on your linux boot, and keep MS office on your windows boot...


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Okay, here is what I plan on doing: since the previous version of linux I download wasn't compatable wioth my computer (they said it was), I will be running knoppix, and I have downloaded the universal iso images of open office. Can I install open office through linux, or will I have to have the linux cd in all the time when I am using linux?

Thanks for your help.