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I know with hotmail e-mail addresses you can check your e-mail through outlook express. My e-mail address is which you can also check at , is there anyway to check my e-mail through outlook express? I tried what hotmail uses but it doesn't work.
go to tools->accounts->add->mail->enter name->enter email adress->select http and hotmail as provider->enter and your password,click next,then finish
thats all
also, you can use MSN Messanger.. it is not as beautiful, and getting your messages takes much more time sometimes, but it is much safer (outlook downloads any message to your hardisk and there are hackers who noticed 'bout this breakthrought and managed to make a viruse that operate when being spam-sent..)..
seloce,its not pop3,it takes to load,just test it
azury,msn 5 final is released,and that is beautiful,not like 4.x :)
There is a prog out there called IzyMail to allow access to Hotmail accounts via POP3. I would suggest giving it a try.
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