Question about adding RAM to my laptop.


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Hey guys, im new to the forum and I have a question!

I have a 27 inch Imac that I am upgrading the RAM in from the stock 4gb to 12gb with two 4gb OWC RAM cards.

That got me thinking. I could upgrade my laptop too. Here is where the questions come in! lol

I have a Toshiba Satellite L675-S7044. It comes with 4gb of RAM.

The laptop has Windows 7 home premium, so I should be good (in theory) to go all the way up to 16gb of RAM. (if they had 8gb cards for my model)

I plan on just adding one more 4gb card to the laptop for now since I plan on getting a macbook pro within a year.

But when I look in the computers specs, it says I have 4gb of RAM but only 3.80GB usable.

I just want to make sure if I add another 4gb card, the computer will use it and not be stuck at only 3.80GB usable due to something else I have not accounted for. . . . If that makes sense???

As you can tell, I am new to the whole "upgrading thing".

Thanks guys!!!!!