Quake Live: XMPP failure, port 5222? Any help?

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Washington State
I posted this problem on Quake Live forums... no help there. Desparate! The problem is that one, and only one, of the 3 computers that I have will not connect to QL because of some xmpp, port 5222, etc. failure. I've opened that port on this computer, done everything I know to do, and STILL this one computer (my BEST computer, mind you) will not connect to my profile(s) on QL! It MIGHT be a problem with my wireless router, but... the other computer on the wireless router has no problem connecting to my account on QL, nor does my hardwired computer. Just my best gaming computer will not connect. Someone... PLEASE HELP! This is the ONLY game online that I play and I can't play it on my favorite computer! grrrrrrrr...........

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