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you guys helped me a lot with my overheating problem, but now, since i took my comp apart to grease my cpu, i need to put that mother back in.

i go the motherboard in and screwed it on, then i hooked up my ribon cables to the mother, then the ATX_PWR1... then i hooked up the power and turned it on to see if i got my slaves and masters all right, but it would turn on!?

what'd i forget now?
make sure you use the correct screws, like for instance, the screws with fine threads go into the gold mobo mount. line the gold mount properly othewise your pc wont boot. Generally you put back you components in the order opposite the way you took them out. The first component you took out will be the last that you'll put back into place.
the screws are all fine... the ONLY thing i have plugged into the motherboard is ATX_PWR1

i know there are other things i ahve to plug in, what are they?
the cpu fan to the board,

the ide cables to connect optical drives, hd, floppy, etc to the board,

Power supply to optical drives, hd and floppy, extra fans.

the audio cable from optical drives to sound card or mobo( if you have audio on-board)

the internal speaker, power botton and reset botton to the board(you have to be carefull with this one).

and finally,..take a look at your mobo manual....its all there...if you still have it.

Your motherboard could be grounded also take out the screws with the computer on its side and try to turn it on.The plugs for your power reset hdd is a little tricky but if you do it wrong it wont short out anything it just wont work the main ones you need to hook up are the power and reset.
read your mobo manual carefully
to learn where each cable goes, if a button of light isn't working...turn the cable plug around
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