Put HDD in HP PC not recognised ??

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doesnt seem like its been initialized/formated. What are you seeing when you launch the Disk Management Tool? Right click on My Computer>MANAGE>Under Storage you will see Disk Management...when you click on it and the drives load it will tell you right away the drive is not initialized and to initialize it. Do realize all data will be gone when you do this.

Typically this happens when A) the drive is brand new and B) It is of a file system of differnt type not supported by the OS or there is always C) just to be stupid..lol.
Ok perfect! So it is recognizing it which is a good thing. Simply Right click on any blank area inside that disk space box where it says "6.03 Unallocated" and select "Create new Partition". Also make sure the "disk type" is set to BASIC. Dont do dynamic unless you understand what dymanic is and how it works is all I have to say :)
ohh also once you create the partition you will still have to format it. You can do this here as well the disk management tool provided by Microsoft is actually pretty handy. Just right click the way you did when you created the partition and simply select FORMAT..then it should show up as a drive under My Computer. I forget what stage it asks you to assign it a drive letter it will usually have the next available letter as the first choice.
I promise you it will work..lol. This is what I spent no time going to college for and entering the information technology right out of high school and being in the game for 7 years at the age of 24...I just decided I didnt want to go to school and make the money right up front and not have to pay back student loans. I advise it to all people...lol.
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