Psyx on an old video card?

Okay I have this mobo

I have an EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 55NN and my main graphics card
I have an old BFG 8600GTS 256MB I want to use as a psyx card

I have this PSU

I'm pretty sure I have the latest drivers got my gpu the 182.50 drivers installed

my question os do i jsut turn off the pc plug in the 8600 gts turn on the pc and go into nvidia control panel hit psyx or w/e it says and click dedicate psyx to the 8600GTs then restart and that's it? what do i do from their? anything?

how will i know its working? do i have to install the 8600GTs drivers to I have the latest psyx drivers installed will i be able to run those unreal tournament 3 psyx maps better?

anyone here ever do this? I found this article on psyx it says i have to extened my desktop onto my 2nd monitor do that mean that i have to have the second monitor plugged into my 8600GTS?

Any help would be appreciate thanks