PSU problem


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ok i have this computer

It came with a 300 watt PSU with all the cables and stuff. I bought a new graphics card and i didnt think that PSU would suffice so i bought a 450 watt one. The problem is my CD DRive and my hard drive both use SATA connectors( i think this is it. Its the slender connectors) problem is that my CD Drive and my hard drive are on opposite sides of the computer and the PSU i have the 2 SATA drives are right next to each other making it impossible to connect both my hard drive and my CD Drive so right now im working without a CD Drive. Now im gonna be buying a new PSU but im wondering, is the placement of my CD Drive and Hard Drive bad or is it just this particular PSU that put the 2 SATA connectors together.
Sorry for the long post

Heres another picture

Thankyou for any help :)