psone on xbox

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after stumbling across "the great debate" with the thread about ps1 and ps2 games on xbox i thought i should post this to clear things up.
note requires a modded xbox

ps2: no games will not work on xbox, at least not via emulator and even if someone can pull it off it will not be worth it

ps1: long been solved, find a copy of pcsxbox, if u can't contact me. once u have this, it will be in an archive so extract it on your computer then ftp the folder to e:\apps on your xbox (if you dont have evox put the folder on either E:\ or F:\ (i don't know how other dashboards deal with applications) and u can access it be running default.xbe. any games you want to use MUST be a) in the form of a bin file and cue sheet and b) on the xbox hdd pcsxbox cant read from a cd ( dont complain thats how it is and comon ppl, ps1 on xbox what more can u want). copy the .bin and cue sheet to the folder called psxcds.

there are more instructions to come, im sorry i couldnt remember them all and unless i can find a tut to post ill write the rest when i get home some other time
your in luck people.....

its a tut on the bin/cue sheets.
now create the files from your psx games (it shouldnt matter if they are original or not) and put them in the psxcds the default.xbe file and your off.......o and one more thing you will need a copy of a ps1 bios, i believe on they have a zip file with a copy of every psx bios. once you have your bios file put it in the bios folder in your pcsxbox folder (try searching for the file scph1001.bin to use as the bios)
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