PS3+TV Combo


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Alright Ladies and Gents' I've been out of the console gaming world for some time and I'd like to break back into it with a bang!

Coming out late this year is a new game from Team ICO, "The Last Guardian" this is the game that is bringing me back.

I will be using the PS3 as my main blue-ray player, I'm assuming the PS3 is not shipped with an HD cable? The product description just states that comes with an A/V cable..

Can anyone recommend a great ~32'ish LED/LCD TV that really suites the PS3 well? I know this might be an odd request, but I am going to set this all up in a small room that is going to be dedicated to gaming/movies. I'm not looking for an overly large TV, but I have seen some really crap LCD HD TV's come out these past years. I want to make sure this all looks great.

Thanks Everyone, Really excited and I can't wait for October for Team ICO