PS3 Owner Refunded for Missing "Other OS"

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PS3 Owner Refunded for Missing "Other OS"

Uh oh, this can't be good. People are getting refunds because Sony removed the "install other OS" feature? If this is true, I predict a flood of refund requests.

The key statement is "which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase," where Sony made it known at the time of purchase that you would be able to install an ‘Other OS.' This was raised with Amazon, and their policy was to offer a partial refund whether that feature had been used by said consumer or not. It should be noted that in European law responsibility is placed on the retailer and not the manufacturer.
ouch this is gonna hurt...especially since no matter how they change it , it won't matter since they bought it under the first conditions

I'm sure retailers won't be so happy about sony after this
So if you have a PS3 that said that you could install another OS on it all you have to do is call up Sony and demand a refund?
No, you have to phone up the retailer you bought it from and demand the refund. And only if you bought it in the EU.
We in the US get nothing. 20% of $500 would be $100 too. I don't know if they could get out of it though since mine is refurbished. It broke just after the warranty ended and I had to pay $150 for sony to give me a replacement. I deserve that partial refund! My recent is extremely faded though. I probably could get nothing either way.
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