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hey! according to the polls, PS2 wasn't the most favorite of the consoles. what's up with that? everyone knows that the best system is PS2!! and not many people voted for Gamecube either! you people wouldn't know a good console if it mauled you!!
uh... i guess as i look, i complained and yelled alot. sorry about that. but take my word for it!!! i'll bet half the people who voted never even played a PS2 or a Gamecube!!

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Technically, if you remove PC from the gaming console list, then PS2 was the favorite. At this exact moment in time, it has 27% of the votes, with the next 2 closest being 9% and that was NGC, PS, and SNES.

I think I've played all the ones listed on there, plus a couple of others that aren't listed. Maybe we need a poll that asks which consoles people have played. :D
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