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Hi all,

I have been looking into getting a mod chip for my ps2, and came across the slide card.

It states that u dont need to take apart your ps2 to use this "chip".

Is there anybody out there who knows a little more on the device, and whether its worth getting


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i know with some mod chips u need to use action replay 2, or somthing like that, do u know if that is required using the slide card??
yeah, you still need something to act as a bootdisc to still make it work. The website recommends the swap magic.
a slide card is a small box that goes in the front of ur ps2 (in the usb ports) and you start the game with a legit cd then the chip stalls it ,you take it out and place your bootleg copy in the draw then
.....happy gaming.
the knife method is ...going under the knife ... means installing a chip in the mother board surgery

I think I have to correct Steve3 a bit, unless he was just putting you on.

The slide card itself is just a way to open the cd tray without the PS2 knowing it. You put the Swap Magic disc in like a normal game, when it prompts you to insert disc, you open the tray with the slide card, insert your import or backup close and lock the tray with slide card then push 'x' on controller. The slide card slips under the cd tray, so you will have to remove the little cover to your cd tray. There are more detailed instructions on how to manipulate the card in the PS2, you will find these from the site you buy the Swap Magic/Slide Card package. The whole slide card method is just an updated and safer method of the 'knife trick'.

-You will need a Gameshark to play PS1 backups.
-Some backups over like 670, like if you apply patches too large, it may not boot.
Hello All...

bluemarine -
I just recently got a swap magic slide card kit ($39) and followed all the instructions just as you ( and the instructions) described.

Everything seemed to go well through the fairly easy process, the system responded just as the instructions said it would.

But at the last stage, it says " push the X button and you will now be playing your back-up disc". At that point, my screen stays locked at the "insert disc" mode, although I can hear the system struggling to read the disc.

I was wondering if my back-up DVD was done wrong?? My DVD burner only has 2 modes, saving as a movie or saving as a data DVD. When I made that copy, (my very first time) I just dragged the files off of the original DVD and threw them into the DVD+R burner and made a data DVD+R.

I have no idea if I did that right. Can you or anyone else offer some insight as to what the problem may be??

Many thanks.
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