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Now I know sony's plannin to release one eventaually, so all you hackers out there should beat em to it, and I know you can, i got into an argument with an XBOX fanboy braggin how much better xbox was because of the mods ta the hard drive and all the apps for it, and it is pretty incredible what the machine can do, but I know PS2 can do better, show me how fellas, show me how.
does it really matter??

i mean..both consoles have their ups and downs. I'm pretty that with the hard drive both ps2 and xbox are capable of doing the same things.
There is a harddrive you can get already for PS2 but you will have to know a little about linux to utilize it. and granted you can do just about all the things you can for xbox but its not so easy to do. Besisdes even with that stuff in your PS2 the Xbox is still more powerful.
i've recently been accepted by the FFXI beta test program, and their sendin me a free 40 gig hard drive, so official hard drive compatiability i'm sure is just around the corner.
there was news annonced the other day, of the launch of the PSX, which has a 120gb hard drive inside, as well as a dvd-rw drive, and broadband ready, and no this is NOT the ps3.
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