ps2 [error: no disc found]

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has anybody ever gotten this? if so, what did you do about it?

i tried using a cd lens cleaner, but that only worked for the first time i tried it. as soon as i shut off the playstation it didnt work again.
Sounds like either the disc is seriously scratched up, or the laser is really dirty
yeah i tried my games in my friends ps2 and they work fine, i keep my shit in mint condition. i just think this fuckin sucks, especially since i bought my ps2 when they first came out and payed like 350 dollars =\
I had this problem and had to send mine off. It cost like 60 bucks plus s&h. I also got mine the night they came out. They were only warrented for 90 days. Seems like they knew something! I tried everything too. Nothing helped.

Ps it will take 3weeks once a technician gets to it.
I've heard of peoples PS2's fukin up. I have had mine for over a year and it has never had a glitch. Check which version you have Here , I have version 4
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