PS2 DVD to DVD-R copying

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PS2 DVD to DVD-R backups

Hi there,

Well basically the header says it all :) is there an easy way of doing this ? Is there one backup-prog that has it all ? I've read some FAQ's on PS2 DVD-ripping but those are tough cookies ...

Surely there are people already doing this and they must have a simpler way of doing it right ?

So all major tech-dudes, step right up here :) help a newbie out ;)

I'll check in regularly to see what's gonna happen here, I like the forum-engine, sweeeet !

*edited* :p
That's offcourse what I meant Ã…nubis , edited as proposed , and thanks for poitning this one out to me :)
i have dvd x copy with a sony dua-510a which i just installed yesterday, i can back up my movies but only about ten minutes of them. then i get an error message "scsi driver error low bytes" could somebody help me with this? i have windows xp and right now i am downloading the xp upgrade or fixes and patchs from microsoft.

also which should i have the burner the master and the dvd rom the slave? or swithed around? also does it mater where the ribbon that connects the drives is plugged into first or just the jumper matters in the backof the drives? please help

any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
i have Sony Dru-510a with WinXP SP1....I use DVD Decrypter and Elaborate Bytes( Clone DVD)... Back- ups work with Xbox, stand-alone dvd player, PS2... Try those programs then if it does not work try the ASPI drivers those could be corrupted in some way.If still not work try to upgrade ur MB BIOS and use Windows Update..:D
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