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I'm trying to burn a backup of the game "Tekken Tag". I already ordered a backup copy from a company, but I want to back the copy up just in case that one gets scratched or something. Anyway, I have a macintosh computer with the OS10.2 and OS9.2 with a CD-RW/DVDrom combo drive. I've tried about a half a dozen ways to try and burn this game using roxio toast titanium. My PS2 is modded with the magic 3 modchip so I thought it was supposed to read all backups. Anyway, I've followed the mac guide on how to burn PS2 cd-r's, but my system still just says "please insert a PS2 or PS1 game". The last time I tried burning it by doing a direct burn on roxio, the verification failed and it gave me this error message:

Mismatch at byte 2350/sector 122413
Verification Failed

Does anyone know what this means??? Does anyone know any other kind of burning software I can download that will enable me to make PS2 backups, or maybe a different way of doing it that actually works? If you have any info, please email me or post a reply. My email address is:

Hehe, yeah, thats just what I did. I tried downloading it, but it is an executable file :( Ah well, what can you do. Perhaps I'll just have to invest in a pc sometime. What would you recommend for a system that is cost-effective but has quality too? (with a cd-rw & dvd rom and/or DVD-R)
do you think it would be a good idea to maybe order from a company in the UK and get it shipped here? or do you think it would be better to go ahead and buy something here in the states?
u need a dvd-r

ok if u want 2 make an exact copy of a ps2 game u need a DVD riter not a normal cd burner ok........because most ps2 games are dvd format not cdr format which means that they will only fit on dvd-r's..........

and i would recommend ditching the magic 3 cus they reck the Laser big u should deffinantly get a messiah 2 pro ok......

oh if u want summ good sites 2 bye quality PS2 games REAL CHEAP emial me.........

Hi there,
I want to make exact copies in the future, but now I just want to try to make a replica of the a cd-r game I have for backup purposes in case it gets stolen or scratched or damaged. Is there a way to do this on a mac or a pc?

Oh how I wish I would have know about the laser thing. My PS2 has a lot of trouble playing stuff. Probably because of the lense. How does the magic 3 compare to the Messiah modchip in quality, features, cost etc?

ok sorry the magic three doesnt wreck ure laser(my mistake)
its the neo series that wrecks ure laser SORRY........

oh i would still bye the messiah 2 boots backups better than magic 3 but is a bit more expensive////////

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