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I recently ordered from online some backups for my PS2 (modded with a magic 3 modchip), and they work fine for the most part. Sometimes the games end up freezing and sometimes it takes awhile before they will actually start. This started happening recently after the system was dropped, and I'm wondering if this is why, and how I can fix it. Which leads me to my next question. When the system was dropped, I had Simpsons Road Rage in there, and it got scratched and now will not play period. Because of this event, I decided to try and backup the CD-R games that I could so that I won't have to order out for more backups. I have a macintosh computer (imac 700mhz lampshade flatscreen version) with just the standard CD-RW and DVD-R combo drive. I recently tried making a backup of the backup "Tekken Tag Team" and I could not get it to play. I'm using Roxio Toast Titanium and doing a direct burn. I also tried copying the disc image to my hardrive and then burning it, but that didn't work either. Do I have to have some kind of utility to burn PS2 cd-r games that will actually work on my system? If so, what software can I get to get the job done? Thanks for reading, and any help would be appreciated. You can also email me at:

I have a mac computer

I have a mac computer, so unfortunately I could not see anything on this guide that would help me. I did however get a link to another thread from someone else, and it had instructions for mac using roxio toast titanium, but the discs would still not play. Do I need to burn onto a CD-RW disc or something like that?
ok a few things
1. u need a dvd burner....because most ps2 games are in dvd format and that means that they wont fit on a normal cd-r only on a dvd-r.
2. it is possible 2 burn on 2 a cd-r but the games arent as good quality.......and dont have all the intro movies and sum other movies........oh plz give me the sight u bought the backups.....ill tell u where i get mine.....

Hi Jdmullet, thanks for the reply :)
I know if you copy a dvd disc onto a cdr, you won't get dvd quality because it is not on a dvd, but I know there must be a way to copy a PS2 game onto a cd-r disc because some of the backups I ordered from this company were on cd-r discs. Also, the game I was trying to copy was already on a cd-r disc. Eventually I'm going to invest in a dvd burner. I just built a computer about a week ago, so I now have a pc to experiment with. Would you recommend any programs for copying PS2 games? Here are my computer specs:

OS: XP Professional
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2000
Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Ram: 512MB DDR at 400mhz
Hard-drive: 2 60GB Western Digital
CD-R/RW Drive: LiteOn 52x24x52x
DVD Player: Pacific Digital 16X DVD-Rom with 40X CD-Rom
*Just bought yesterday, and haven't installed yet*
Floppy Drive
Cheap case that is cracked lol

I get my backups from a company called Otomia. I think their address is just but I'll have to double-check that. Where do you get yours from? I'm not entirely happy with this company. Most of the games they sent me have worked fine, but they screwed up my first order and forgot to include some of the games. So they sent the missing games, but some of them wouldn't work. So I had to pay to ship those back to the company and I think one or two wouldn't work when I got them a third time. I had to pay once again to send those back to the company. Also, I ordered some DVD movie backups from the company, and they wouldn't even play on my computer or on my PS2. I got them to play on my brothers stand alone DVD player, but the quality was EXTREMELY shitty, and the movie stopped working completely about half way into it. The company assured me that the movie was burned on bad discs. It's just irritating because now I have to pay yet again to ship the discs back to the company so they can try to make it right. Anyway, thanks again for the reply and I hope to hear from ya soon!

here goes

ok i would buy from the site that i no........if ure not 2 sure juss wait a week or so untill i get my first order and then u will no if there good quality and ligit........

this is the one i bought from

here are sum more(havent tried these

thats all ill tell ya if i fond more
oh the shop at chris one charges $5.00 US per game only dvd games and cdr games no rips

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