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Could someone tell me or point me in the right direction how to use a proxy server. I have searched online and still cannot find a starting point on this matter.


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''Before you mess with any of your browser setting, you will first need to find a good proxy server. The easiest way is to use your favorite search engine and type in “proxies” or “public proxies” or something like that. You will notice many proxies use different ports. It doesn't matter too much which port you decide to use, but I recommend standardizing a port for the proxies you decide to use. If you have strict firewall settings, I suggest using port 80 proxies.

For Internet Explorer, go to Tools and select Internet Options. Next, navigate your way to the Connections tab and click on the LAN Settings button. You will see two boxes under Proxy Server. If they are grayed out, check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN...” and then proceed to enter in the server address and port. You're done! Be sure to press OK to get back to the web.

For Mozilla, go to Edit and select Preferences. Next, click on the drop down menu for Advanced and click on Proxies. Select the “Manual Proxy Configuration” radio button. Enter in the server address under “HTTP Proxy” and the port in the box to the right of it. Click “Okay” and you're all set to anonymously surf the web! ''

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Proxies also depends in where country it belongs... 'cause some proxies are too slow...
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