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I bought an X-Box this morning. I love it so far. I am going tomorrow to buy Splinter Cell and Halo.

Games Played:
Outlaw Golf = Funny
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance = not too bad, but same ole thing
Jet Set Radio Future = umm, it came with it, cute graphics
GT2002 = I like cars... lol
Bought Halo and Splinter Cell today... I have only three words for both of them "OH MY GOD!"

It took me a minute to get used to the controls, but wow! I can't wait to get online with some Halo. We'll have to figure a way to hook up online in March, Ã…nubis.

Thanks for all the advice BTW.
I don't like XBOX for this reason: Microsoft is supposed to file for bankrupcy in less then a year. They are meeting with all of their advisors all of the time. And Apple computers will have to use Intel Processors to keep Intel in business, even ask Steve Jobs.
I was talking with Bill the other day. He said if Microsoft has financial problems, he'll give them a loan from the 4 million that he makes a day. :p

Dave :D
we're not talking millions or even billions of dollars dave, we're talking trillions.
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