Pros and cons of deepfake technology?

I know I'm so overdue and late on this thread but honestly speaking about the pros and cons of deepfake tech.

It will have its advantages I'm sure, but from what I have seen in online porn its seriously a question of how its used. Take deep fake technology and apply it to the average everyday member of the public and how do you me or anyone know that the video in question is not real.

The average amateur home video what is taken and put threw the deep fake process of manipulating the individual person in question, does this technology have the power to destroy the marages, relationships and lives of the average ordinary Joe public. Not just celebs, famous people! Could it be used as a revenge attack of some sort or could it be used to manipulate someone for the greater evil of say for example blackmail or extortion.

Personally speaking I don't like, didn't like it from when I first seen what it was and what it was all about.

Just my thoughts on it, but their will be people who think differently .
Deepfake technology was originally developed from the work of computer scientist Ian Goodfellow and is a by-product of Goodfellow's work with generative adversarial networks (GANs). GANs generate convincing images using an algorithm where two GANs try to 'trick' each other into thinking an image is 'real'. Today, GANs can convincingly recreate a person using just a single video clip of that person.
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