pros and cons for getting a console

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im thinking of getting an xbox 360 console, or a console at all, and i dont think if i should get it at all. Im 14 years of age and am going to highschool in like 2 weeks. My mom says i need to work on my studies, but it is fine cuz its relaxing entertainment.(ummmmmmmmmm......ya?) So some pros are that i can learn from games such as gt4 and forza, and nfs carbon, woot.., and more pros are that i can enjoy myself wit friends, at a party or sumetin, and can play online. Some cons are that it mite distract me from school, and other annoying stuff like that, so i have no clue, but im sorta gonna get it


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Pros: none
Cons: FPS shoots are more difficult
Load time isn't as fst as it is on a PC. Have you played GTA3 on PC? Then play it on a PS2? Really when i'm travling from island to island Ig et like a brief 1 sec delay on loadings.
Controls, I perfer mouse and keyboard over console
Not as mutli taskcapable as a PC. for 500 or 600 bucks or w/e you can upgrade a PC to a very nice PC.

And heh PC is overall better just upgrade PC. Also a faster PC improves your school work. I swear I see a .0001 sec increase on my printing book reports out. Dual core CPUs are a most for word processing software.

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Pro, everything.

Con, nothing.

The only thing that will distract you from your studies are girls (if your into that kinda stuff yet) and your computer.

Consoles are just harmless fun entertainment. Hardcore gaming is all about the computer.


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Time for a realistic breakdown. :rolleyes:

- Great entertainment.
- Designed specifically for gaming.
- Great online communities(i.e. Xbox Live).
- Relatively low price for what you're getting.
- No compatability issues or worrying about installation or if your hardware is suitible for the game.
- Pop it in and game!

- Longevity isn't as long as PC.
- No upgrade paths.
- Can't multitask like PC's (i.e. browse internet while playing music).

About the controllers, some find playing FPS's are more fun on PC's, and some like it on consoles. It all depends on your preference. It doesn't mean it's a con, but it's definately not a pro either.

For the price that the Xbox 360 is priced at right now, you're getting very powerful hardware for the price. Ultimately, high-end PC's are more powerful and have upgrade paths, but it costs way more $$$.

Nik00117, why are you comparing a PC to a PS2? That's just unrealistic, and no offense, dumb. Obviously a PC will be more powerful than the last-generation's consoles, but if you're talking about current-gen consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3 give you way more bank for your buck. If you want to even match the Xbox 360, expect to spend way more than just $499. You'll need fairly high-end hardware.

Also, one of the things about consoles is that the games are tailored FOR that console. So it'll be utilizing the hardware, unlike PC games where they have to leave it for a broad spectrum of hardware and configurations.


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you can multitask on 360. and longevity depends on parts, and parts in the 360 are top of the line.

You can have media player doing anything you want in the backround while playing a game...

any song you have on your media center pc/xbox 360 hard drive is playable at any time.

You can access your xbox home screen from a game any time by pressing the middle button.


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Multitask as in do other things one at a time, but the PC can do several things at the same time. ;) I meant longevity as in the EOL of the parts. The hardware won't be top-of-the-line soon.

Either way, the Xbox 360 can do tons of things. It's awesome. :D


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Pros: No OS to worry about, plug and play, no hardware to look after, no drivers, no overheating, etc, etc.

Cons: Fixed resolution..


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Depends if you're running on HD resolutions. Becides, 720p is pretty good, considering it's running on a TV, which is way bigger than a normal monitor.


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Wow, that's such a worthless statement. :rolleyes: This thread is about the pros and cons of consoles, not "which do you think is better."