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I don't know if this is the right section for this but I am going to go ahead and say it..
I have been designing for a year and by now I have many website templates just lying around so I decided to take the time and teach myself html/css. So I came across webspell, a free Content Management System (CMS). I thought that integrating this would make updating my templates much easier. I looked around and could never find a good tutorial on actually how to do it except the tutorials on where to place the includes.

So I figured, to code a template around webspell, I would need to code with html/css, then just add the includes, but then once thats done, the PHP code is wide open in the source code, I dont know if thats bad, I was told that people hide it so their clients dont see it, it also makes the code look messy.

My question is, does anyone have any "good" tutorials on installing webspell? I would prefer direct help here though. And is there a way to hide the php includes from the viewers? I don't have much experience with PHP and I was told that to hide you need that.

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A php include is like taking another file and literally putting it in another file.
There is no way that I know of to hide them nor do I think you should try to hide them.
Remember the user doesn't see the Php they see the html/javaScript/css.

The "hiding" of css you are talking about is putting it in a separate .css file.
This is not done to hide it, any user could go into the source get the link and type it in. This is done to
one: make your code look neater.
Two: have it easy on yourself, for multiple pages (only have to type it once).

Remember the PHP is never sent to the client it goes through the Php engine running on the server translated into plain html and THEN sent to the client.

Don't know anything about webspell sorry.
Hope some of this helped:)