Programming in Vista

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i have a dell studio 1535 and i wanted to know if there are any good programs for vista or anything else that anyone would reccomend
You need to be way more specific. What do you mean good programs?

Programs that someone installs are usually dictated by what the end user needs to accomplish - not what 'goes good' with the OS.

Be specific - do you mean good programs for editing pictures, playing games, number crunching, programming, graphic design?
Again, what do you want to program? Programming languages are pretty universal and most packages will work on any operating system. Maybe older unsupported languages may need you to emulate an XP environment to work (which is something Vista can do).

I've only done Java and VB - both work great in Vista and 7.
i would start with JustBasic or LibertyBasic if your a n00b. but if your more experinced i'd go with Microsoft or
I think C or C++ are good languages to start with.
It's not really more difficult to start with them; just doing more advanced things requires more knowledge.
Plus, C and C++ teach you more about how the machine operates.
And at the same time, most languages are made to be C-like; so it'll be easier to learn other languages.
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