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Every since we got out DSL hook up we have been periodically disconnected for just a moment. Sometimes it happens once every hour, other times of the day this will happen every 10 min. We have out DSL hook up from Alltel running to a simple 5 port switch then from there 3 cables run out to all of our 3 computers. (all running XP)

What I am looking for is a program that is constintly monitorying my internect connectiviy so I will be able to see the exact time it I lose my internet.

So far the only time we notice is when one of us is playing World of warcraft and we get Disconnected. As far as I know this only happenes during the game but that could be simply because we havnt seen any other time


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To be quite honest, I would suspect that the trouble would be on Blizzard's end.... All depending on what server you are playing on, and any issues that server may be having... Some servers are worse than others.... Personally, I play on Dalaran, and before the hardware upgrades Blizzard did, it was TERRIBLE... LONG wait times to login, frequent disconnects, etc. etc. etc.... since then, things have been better, with the occaisional disconnect here and there... maybe once every few days....

BUT, if you are suspecting it is on YOUR end, there are some things you can try....

1. I have to venture a guess that your '5 port switch' is a 4 port DSL gateway with a WAN port (5th port). If this is the case, see if your router supports logging that would show if & when you get disconnected.

Option 2 is to call Alltel and see if they can tell you the last time your account connected was.... if it was days ago (or longer) the problem is likely with the Blizzard server. If Alltel confirms that you disconnected earlier in the day, then you have them online, I would open a ticket, and have them check the line.
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