Program puts monitor asleep


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Hi to all,
My grandson has the latest Star Wars program. He is running this on a Gateway at 600 mh with a Itel chip. It came w/ 98 but I replaced it w/XP.
When he gets to a certain part of the program the monitor goes into the sleep or stanby mode. It appears the computer is off but it is still on.
What could cause this? Otherwise it works fine. Starwars is the only program where this happens.
I set the power options for this not to happen.

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I'm not sure, but it could be a virus or something, also, it may be the wrong setting or something for the monitor, have you noticed the monitor making a noise other than what it normally does, a squeaking or something. If so, it is dangerous to continue, you must change the screen refresh rate. but it is unlikely to be this. It is much more likely that you have a virus, maybe try re-installing the game.
apart from that I'm not really sure, just wanted to offer my 2 cents