Program Files and Partitioning


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My computer recently has been freezing up on the load up screen :confused: . So i have been considering a clean installation of XP. I have on question, is it possible to partition my hard drive, or buy a new HDD so that the C: partition holds all the windows files, and partition D: (or other HDD) holds all my program files. I was thinking that maybe if my C: partition messes up, i can do a clean installation of Winxp, and then I would already have all my programs on my D: partition (or other HDD). Would this be possible? any suggestions would help.


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it would work but i think it would make it worse overall because the hard drive would be jumping around trying to run programs and windows at the same time so keep all the pragrams and windows on one partition and on the other one keep all your files like music and so on making it easier to reinstall in the future